Our relaxing area and Spa : jacuzzi and sauna

Relaxing and soothing ambiance in the SPA of the B&B La Coustille
At the heart of the « Massif du Champsaur », you log off from the real world and you take care of yourself by long walks in the fresh air, enjoying healthy, local produce and you regenerate in the sauna and bubble bath provided in a warm atmosphere. Everything is here to log out and give you a sense of harmony with nature. Discover a world apart where the wellness experience is total.

The price for our 30' sessions in the SPA is 25€ per room (4 persons maximum) and is privatised so every guest can fully profite from the relaxation.
The sessions are organized in the afternoon from 4.30 pm till 7 pm, following a planning that's concluded each morning in accordance with the demands.

Our SPA erea is open in winter from December (Christmas holidays) till April.
In summer (June till September) you have access to our outside heated pool with scenic view of the surrounding mountains. 
Sauna, the scandinavian tradition for purification of the body
After your hike or ski day you can enjoy the wellness rituals from Finland. The sauna, hot and cold alternation give multiple benefits to your body and mind.
The relaxing action of the Sauna: A sauna session will be beneficial to resist against stress and tension. Under the influence of heat, the body releases endorphins that foster sleep and relaxation.
The purifying action of the sauna: Dry heat sauna causes dilation of skin pores. The warm-cold effect stimulates blood circulation.